• Michelle Hebert

Food Review: Burger King's Froot Loop milkshake

Burger King came out with a Froot Loop milkshake last April, and although the company said the shake would be available for a limited time, it is still available for purchase as of Sept. 26, 2017. Burger King’s North America president, Alex Macedo, made a statement before the milkshake was released to the public about his thoughts: “the mashup of our velvety vanilla-flavored soft serve and one of America’s classic breakfast cereals is something we think our guests are going to love,” according to Dayton Daily News.

The milkshake has three main ingredients: velvety vanilla soft serve ice-cream, Froot Loop cereal pieces, and a sweet sauce, according to Burger King’s website. Whip cream is an option given to customers at the Cairo, Ga., location and Froot Loop pieces are also optional toppings at some locations. The milkshake costs $2.99.

I tried the milkshake, and I can say for sure that I was not disappointed with the flavor, consistency, and texture. The taste was like eating a bowl of Froot Loops that had been soaking in a bowl of vanilla milk with bits of dry Froot Loops; the taste may not sound over the top, but the flavors worked well to make it outstanding. Overall, the consistency was smooth and easy to drink through a straw, except for when I first received it. Texture is a big part of food to some people, including myself, and for a milkshake it was just right.

The milkshake was definitely a hit in the aspect of taste, texture, and consistency, but one milkshake has 720 calories. In those 720 calories, there are 103 grams of sugar, which is like drinking almost three Coca-Colas. With the aspect of nutrition in mind, a consumer should treat this milkshake as a very special treat.

If you enjoy Froot Loops and milkshakes, I recommend the limited edition Froot Loop milkshake to you. Burger King is also offering a limited edition Lucky Charms milkshake to customers, so if you aren’t crazy on Froot Loops, the Lucky Charms milkshake may be a good option for you.