• Monty Alexander

Volcano in Bali close to erupting

A volcano in Bali has been causing disruption on the Indonesian island. The volcano, Mount Agung, is coming close to erupting for the first time in almost 50 years.

According to the authorities in Bali, around 75,000 people have left the island. In the recent days, there have been reports of magma rising in the volcano. Officials have told people to stay at least 5.6 miles away from the volcano at this time.

The volcano has not stopped tourism to the island yet. Tourists are urged to not travel to the island so that they will not be stranded on the island when it erupts. The volcano alert was at its peak on Friday.

On Sunday, geologists said that they witnessed a 200 meter tall smoke column.

Locals have ignored the government's warnings and would rather stay and tend to their cattle. The Jakarta Post, a local news source in Bali, reported that some may want to take advantage of the volcano to buy livestock at a discount price. Livestock on the island has also been moved away from the volcano to shelters.

According to CNN, signs reading "You're entering active volcanic hazard zone" have been put up.

Bali's main tourist areas, which are Kuta and Seminyak, are 43 miles away from the volcano. No flights to the island have been cancelled yet.

The volcano may erupt any moment, but there have been no events of it doing so. Locals and evacuees are now waiting for it to erupt.