• Zachery Bernabe

Red Sox host first ever marathon inside baseball stadium

On Friday, Sept.15, 2017, the Boston Red Sox hosted the first ever marathon held inside a baseball stadium. In order to reach the full 26.2 miles, runners had make 116 laps around the inside walls of the stadium.

The race started next to the "Green Monster" in left field, then continued on the warning track. According to Runners World, there was a monitor by first base who would keep track of how many laps each runner had remaining.

On the race day, the grounds crew for the Red Sox stated that runners would only be allowed to run a few feet from the the grass, which caused more laps and extra distance for the runners. Veteran race director Dave McGillivray ran the race himself and had much more than 27 miles on his watch, according to Runners World.

“I warned them before the race, don’t listen to the Garmin. Just listen to how many laps are left,” McGillivray told Runner’s World. “No one knew what to expect going in. We were all nervous about the monotony of so many laps. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.”

The race raised over $320,000 for the Red Sox Foundation.“When you think of all the history that was made there by the best baseball players in history—we’re a bunch of runners, also making history of our own. It was very emotional,” McGillivray said.

Michael Wardian, the winner of the race, "broke the tape" in two hours and 53 minutes. He says he has experience running "unique" races and would do it again.