• Monty Alexander

Video game preview: 'Overwatch' competitive league

The popular game "Overwatch," made by Blizzard, is finally getting a competitive league. Popular teams from other competitive games such as OpTic Gaming and Team Envy will be joining the league and the new team Comcast Spectator. This will be the first time that OpTic and Comcast Spectator compete in the "Overwatch" competitive scene. OpTic, unlike Comcast Spectator, has experience in other eSports titles that are similar to "Overwatch" in the way of being a first-person shooter game.

Team Liquid recently announced that they will be disbanding their "Overwatch" competitive team with many members going to different games and other organizations. One will be retiring from the competitive scene entirely. Many other teams have been dropping out of the competitive "Overwatch" scene, but maybe the success of the league will help determine which teams join, leave, or return.

The competitive league's season will begin on Jan. 10, 2018, and other popular gaming teams will be partaking in the competitive league. Optic Gaming, Comcast Spectator, and Envy will make the team roster a total of nine teams. Those 12 teams with teams and players from around the globe will be participating in the competitive "Overwatch" scene.

The league's preseason starts in December; its regular season starts in January, and the playoffs and finals begin in July.