• Monty Alexander

US Navy will use Xbox 360 controllers to control submarine periscopes

The United States Navy will begin using Xbox 360 controllers to control the periscopes in submarines. The new periscopes are equipped with high resolution cameras and large screens. According to USA Today, the first to implement this will be the USS Colorado, which is a nuclear powered submarine. Older modeled submarines usually used a helicopter-styled joystick which cost about $38,000. The price difference from a $38,000 joystick to a $30 Xbox 360 controller will save a lot of money.

These new periscopes are very different from the classic periscopes. The classic periscopes could make a 360-degree turn to see the outside of the submarine. The new, more modern periscopes are high resolution cameras that will be controlled by the Xbox 360 controllers. The cameras will display information on a large screen.

Another good change about the new periscope controls is that the old joystick was heavy and clunky, according to officers and sailors. The Xbox 360 controllers will change this by making it light and smooth.