• Chandler Allen

Puerto Rico will be without power for months

On Sept. 21, 2017, the BBC reported that Puerto Rico may be without power for many months because of Hurricane Maria. Up to 90 percent of the US Island territory has been without power from hurricane Irma, which struck the island less than a month ago. The island has had 10 confirmed deaths from Irma at the time of this article. The island is still being heavily hit by up to 30 inches of rain.

Governor Ricardo Rossello has called on President Trump to declare Puerto Rico a disaster zone, but Trump has yet to do so. The streets of San Juan and Guanabo are flooded past doorways and up into apartment buildings.

The number of fatalities in Puerto Rico from Maria has risen to 13 at this moment, according to NBC News. The Hill reported that the entire island is without power and may be without power for 6 months. Ninety percent of the homes are damaged in some way. There is expected to be a mass migration from the island of 3.4 million people.

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