• Zachery Bernabe

German WW1 U-boat found off Belgian coast

On Monday, Sept. 18, 2017, a type BU-ll submarine was found off the coast of Belgium. The sub was found by Marine Archaeologists through radar scans. The sub is said to be in good condition, according to Livescience. The location of the sub is said to be kept under secrecy to prevent looting and damage to the ship

The sub was said to be sunk by an underwater mine. Even though there was very little damage done to the sub's hull, the major damage to the bow of the sub suggests that it hit the mine. The most damage was done to the two torpedo tubes, which were blown off by the blast; all the hatches have remained intact, according to BBC. As many as 23 bodies are still on the sub. Eleven U-boats have been found in the Belgian waters, but this is the best and most preserved one found so far.

"All the pieces are lying in the sand next to the wreck, so it must have been instantaneous," Termote said. "The explosion happened and it sank immediately," according to Livescience.

"UB-II submarines were built in 1915 and 1916 and were able to dive to a depth of around 50m," according to the BBC. Marine archaeologist Tomas Termote was the first to make dives down to the sub. Now with two dives down and another coming soon, Termote and his team are hoping on the third dive to find the sub's official identification number.