• David Smith

Video Game Preview: 'The Crew 2'

“The Crew 2” is a racing video game that is being released worldwide on March 16, 2018, according to GameStop The game is based on an open world map with tons of activities. Players are given a car at the beginning of the game; to get more money and better cars players have to race their way to victory, according to IGN.

The game’s developers are Ivory Towers, who are not really known for any games except the trilogy of "The Crew" series. The other developer is UBISOFT, which is the parent of Ivory Towers. UBISOFT is known for many different types of games. They have made or partnered in the development in the "Far Cry" series, Tom Clancy’s "Rainbow Six" series, and many others.

The game, which will be both single and multi-player, will be bringing new content, such as stunt planes and new varieties of missions. It will have better graphics than the previous game, which was released in 2014. The developers will also be giving extra items to the players who purchase the different bundles. With the gold edition, players will be given the season pass and many other vehicles that other players will not be able to get; players will also be given the game three days before it’s released worldwide, according to the U Play Shop.

Although it will likely be rated "T (Teen)," the game has not been officially rated yet.

Below is the trailer for the game.