• Lexi Ponder

Russian army helicopter accidentally fires missiles at civilians

During a Russian military training exercise, near St. Petersburg, a military helicopter accidentally fired missiles towards bystanders watching the session. A video of the incident was released on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017, by a civilian standing by watching as the helicopters were flying. This incident not only left the destruction of at least two vehicles but also hospitalized two seriously injured individuals.

The video shows two military-styled helicopters flying above towards the camera and one of the helicopters dropping a couple of missiles into a military target training truck nearby just as a citizen comes into view of camera a few yards away from the truck. The clip ends with a viewing of the final damages done to the truck. The damages include a mixture of broken windows, a couple of giant holes from the missiles all the way through a window down into the bottom of the truck, and dirt and dust cloaking the vehicle. According to The Daily Mail, the Russian website 66.ru added, “At least two cars burned down,” showing that more than one vehicle was damaged due to the accidentally fired missiles.

The exercises that the Russian military were practicing started Thursday and have run through to Wednesday. The “major exercise” that was being done during the incident is called the “Zapad 2017,” or “West 2017”; however, this time the timing for the strike was uncertain.

According to The New York Times, “Zapad 2017 is a revival of a Soviet-era training maneuver that once included forces from the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet military alliance whose members have now joined NATO. Today, only the armies of Belarus and Russia take part.”