• Bailey Flowers

Housing director from University of Florida arrested

Top senior housing director, Azfar Mian, was arrested on suspicions of stealing more than $180,000 from the University of Florida. Gainesville police accused Mian Monday, Sep. 18, 2017, for grand theft.

The police got a search warrant the next day to search his home for things he may have bought using the money. Furniture and electronics were found and returned to stores.

“A report released Monday afternoon says Mian told detectives he was ‘storing’ the items for the university and offered to pay restitution,” according to CBS. At that time, he was arrested and told he was not allowed back on the University of Florida or within 2,000 feet of the campus.

Some of the items bought were flat-screen televisions, rugs, and household items used to furnish his house. As reported by U.S. News, “The report says the UF Office of Internal Audit has records detailing the purchases.”

According to CBS, Janine Sikes was working under Mian and was “placed under administrative leave for potential involvement.”

When his case goes to trial, Mian will face charges for grand larceny of more than $100,000. “Trial may be set for Nov. 15, 2017,” according to the Gainesville Sun. The investigation is still pending and investigators are looking for witnesses and others involved.