• Bailey Flowers

Hurricane Maria to make landfall soon

Hurricane Maria has been getting stronger and stronger as is about to make landfall in the Caribbean. The now category five hurricane has winds as strong as 165 miles per hour but is only moving at a rate of 10 miles per hour. The so called “mammoth” storm has nearly doubled in strength in the past 24 hours. “As of 11 a.m. Monday Sept. 18, 2017, Maris was centered about 60 miles east of Martinque,” according to CNN.

According to the National Weather Service, by the time Maria makes landfall it will be a category four hurricane. CNN stated that “Puerto Rico's governor has declared a state of emergency ahead of that landfall, which will likely happen Wednesday.”

The people in Puerto Rico are trying to brace for this disastrous storm while also trying to pick up the pieces from Irma. According to CNN, “for the first time in 85 years Puerto Rico is expected to suffer a direct landfall from a Category 5 hurricane.” People are hoping that Maria changes direction and does not follow Irma’s path. “A dangerous storm surge accompanied by large and destructive waves will raise water levels by as much as 5 to 7 feet above normal tide levels near where the center of Maria moves across the Leeward Islands," the National Hurricane Center reported.

The storm is projected to dump as much as up to 20 inches of rain and 22 inches in certain areas. Hurricane Jose may also have an effect on where the storm is projected to go. If the winds are strong enough from Jose, Maria can be shifted enough where it barely hits the United States.

Update: As of Tuesday Sept. 19, 2017, when the storm hit the Caribbean island of Dominica, it was downgraded to a category four with winds as high as 155mph. The National Weather Center had stated that, “Its record-topping winds reached 160mph when it hit the Island.” Also there was a report of devastating damage which occurred on the Island.

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