• Tatum Williams

Magnetic eyelashes a safer, reusable option

For a while now I have read many articles and watched a vast amount of YouTube videos about how to get the glue off of my faux lashes so that I could use them again. Now makeup artists and entrepreneurs have come up with a brand new type of lash which requires no glue or adhesives and is also affordable, budge-proof, and re-usable.

According to One Two Cosmetics, "Just sandwich each magnetic lash strip between your own natural lashes. You'll feel them click into place."

These magnetic lashes are very affordable, with prices such as $25.24 at Style of Modern, $9.99 at Dav Beautycare, and $14.99 at Bonanza - Shop Soar. They are safe since you don't have to worry about damaging your natural lashes or changing the color of your pupils. Because there are no serums, there are no toxins. They are also "budge-proof," meaning you can have fun and not worry about these lashes hitting the floor with you.