• Tatum Williams

Book Review: 'Twilight Series' and 'Official Illustrated Guide'

The "Twilight Saga" by Stephenie Meyer is one of the best selling sagas so far, so I think it is safe to say it is a great series.

In my personal opinion, the author did an outstanding job with the series. Her writing style is one of the aspects that really drew me into the book. The book is told from Isabella Swan, or Bella's point of view, and I love books that told in first-person point of view. They make me relate to the character more easily.

In 'The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide,' which was released on April 12, 2011, Meyer explains that these books were based on dreams she often had; the book also includes 100 or so color-filled illustrations of the characters and how Meyers imagined them. This guide helps readers immerse themselves more into the world of "Twilight" by adding the whys and the hows. It answers questions like "Why do the vampires sparkle in the sunlight?" and "Why do they have the abilities they have?" It also includes character profiles, genealogical charts, maps, extensive cross-references, and much more.

With every single one of these books being top 100 best-sellers around the world, it is no doubt that most people know the name "Twilight." On Nov. 21, 2008 the movie for this masterpiece came out and caught the attention of many more, and with the adoring love story between Edward and Bella, it's no wonder the movie reached tops of the charts, as well.