• Lexi Ponder

3 people killed in stampede for aid near refugee camp

On Sept. 15, 2017, one woman and two children were killed in a stampede for aid in handouts of clothing and food near a refugee camp in Bangladesh. According to CNN, the Inter Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) in Bangladesh said, “The three people died Friday as supplies were being thrown from relief trucks on the road in the Balukhali Pan Bazar near the Kutupalong refugee camp.” Ten of thousands of Muslim Rohingya refugees were fleeing from the violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state after having camped there for weeks.

The Straits Times reported, “A local rights expert slammed the government for the chaotic relief management, saying fights were breaking out each time an aid truck arrived and when food sacks were thrown to the refugees.”

The refugees who were able to catch aid that was being thrown to them had to fight other refugees in order to keep the supplies. The ones who tried to climb into the trucks and grab as many supplies as they could were beat down with sticks by the men on the back of the truck. Many of the refugees were already sick, hungry, and dehydrated by the time help arrived. The refugees had to suffer from malnutrition, and some even showed up with bullet wounds, burns, or land-mine inflicted injuries they had to endure as they escaped from Myanmar.

The UN told The Straits Times on Saturday that about 409,000 Rohingya refugees fled from the violence in Myanmar since August 25 when they were attacked by Rohingya rebels.

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