• Monty Alexander

Mysterious bomb threats in Russian cities cause disorder

Since Sunday, multiple cities in Russia have received many bomb threats. Many public buildings such as schools and shopping centers were evacuated. One of these bomb threats happened in the Russian capital of Moscow, near the Kremlin on Wednesday. Over 15,000 people were affected in the capital. Tens of thousands have been affected in the Russian cities.

Eleven thousand people had to evacuate from buildings in Chelyabinsk, a city in the Southern Ural mountains. 5,700 people had to evacuate in Perm. Police in Stavropol received 42 bomb threats. Airports were also targeted in these bomb threats. Thousands more have been affected by these numerous bomb threats.

Nobody knows who made these bomb threats, but messages were in the form of pre-recorded messages. Security sources said that the hoaxes were results of cyber attacks from Ukraine, but no evidence was given to support this claim.

A message that was broadcast on live TV from an anonymous source said, "An explosive device has been placed in the building. Evacuate the people, call the bomb squads. This is not a drill. Do you understand me?"