• Tatum Williams

Earthquake strikes Mexico, kills dozens

With buildings reduced to rubble, and a death toll of 61 so far, Mexico suffered a great loss when a forceful 8.2 earthquake hit. According to BBC News, 36 people perished in the city of Juchitan, Oaxaca, where this quake hit the hardest, and one third of the homes were not salvageable.

According to BBC News, "In downtown Juchitan, the remains of brick walls and clay tile roofs cluttered streets as families dragged mattresses onto sidewalks to spend a second anxious night sleeping outdoors. Some were newly homeless, while others feared further aftershocks could topple their cracked adobe dwellings." Many citizens of Mexico lost their homes, cars, precious items, and family and friends to this formidable quake.

Because of the afters-hocks that continue to shake Mexico, many more buildings have fallen or become increasingly unstable. According to CNN, "The USGS reported multiple aftershocks, including at least six with tremors measuring above 5.0 in magnitude." As of now, it has yet to be determined if the after-shocks will cease.