• Tatum Williams

Creature finally identified after Hurricane Harvey

The social media manager at the National Audubon Society, Preeti Desai, gave Twitter users the task of identifying this suspicious, faceless sea creature that washed up on the southeastern shores of Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

The photos she posted on Twitter were show to a biologist named Dr. Kenneth Tighe, who recognized the creature as a fangtooth snake-eel. According to The Guardian, Dr. Tighe said that without the tip of its tail, he couldn't be sure because it could possibly be two different species who fall under the family of garden and conger eels.

Belonging to the Ophichthidae family, the fangtooth snake-eel's diet consists of bony fish and crustaceans. According many sources, this eel inhabits the Western Atlantic, which is from the Gulf of Mexico to French Guiana., and it resides around 100 to 300 feet below sea level. According to multiple online sources, with only its eyes and snout in the open, it is said to dwell in permanent to semi-permanent holes in the sea floor, where it feeds.