• Michelle Hebert

Hurricane Harvey victim uses coupons to buy supplies for victims

Kimberly Gager is a Texas woman who is using her couponing skills to help out

hurricane Harvey victims. Gager came up with an idea to use coupons to purchase supplies for hurricane victims.

Gager explained to her mom how she wanted to do more to help the hurricane victims, CBS News reported. She came up with the idea to collect donations from people who wanted to help the hurricane victims. The donations will be used to purchase supplies for the victims, but she would use her coupons to get the most for her money. Gager posted her idea on Facebook, and the status received a lot of positive feedback.

According to CBS News, the status has been up for two weeks, and in those two weeks, Gager has spent about $2,700. However, by using coupons she has accumulated $5,000 worth of supplies. Clipping coupons and making daily trips to the grocery store has become her second job. Gager estimated that she has made 50 trips to the grocery store, CBS News reported.

Thirty families have received items from Gager, according to USA Today. Carrie Chezem, a victim of Harvey, is one of the many people who reached out to Gager for help. Chezem asked for diapers and wipes for her son’s third birthday, and she explained that anything would help. Later the same day, Gager met up with Chezem and gave her the items she asked for.

Gager is doing this because of what she went through in 1999 during Hurricane Floyd. She told USA Today that she could have used anything during her time of need, and that is why she’s doing what she is doing for the hurricane victims.