• Damien Lane

CHS welding department changing tank suppliers

The Cairo High School welding department is changing where it buys its welding tanks and cutting torch tanks. The department was previously buying its air tanks from Jones Welding in Thomasville, Ga., but will now purchase its tanks from Tom Horne Supply Co Inc., also in Thomasville.

The welding and cutting tanks have all been gathered to give back to Jones Welding so that the department can begin buying and refilling the tanks for the class to move on. The department bought gas tanks from Jones Welding for five years, but the school has now found a cheaper place to buy the tanks from.

The class was held up for a day last Thursday because all the tanks were gathered together to be shipped off to go back to Jones Welding. Now the class has tanks for everything, but the new tanks look a little more beaten up than from Jones Welding.

The downside of the new tanks is that they look a little less professional than the tanks we had from Jones Welding, but the tanks work just the same as the old ones.