• Lexi Ponder

European leaders review and help the Caribbean Islands after the damaged of Hurricane Irma

On Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017, after the frightening damaging by Hurricane Irma, France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, and the Dutch king, William-Alexander, arrived in the Caribbean to provide helpful aid. At a Category 5 strength, Hurricane Irma arrived last week around a group of island territories with association to France, the Netherlands, the U.S. and the U.K. According to CNN, Macron and others arrived in response to “criticism that European nations and the U.S. had neglected their responsibilities in the region.”

Macron pledged on Tuesday to help rebuild the French territories that had been destroyed by Irma. His help included the providing of food, water, and medical supplies to the residents of the destroyed French territories. Macron also brought along with him doctors and various teams of experts “who were to help the recovery effort.”

According to USA Today, “The visit came as residents tried to revive a sense of normalcy amid the chaos and destruction wrought by the Category 5 hurricane with small gestures like sharing radios and recuing dogs.” The Dutch Red Cross informed that over 200 people were still shown as missing on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. However, it is still not clear if they are just in an area without technology or cell service and power to alert friends and family they have survived. About 90 percent of Dutch territory has been damaged, and a third has been destroyed.

According to a Caribbean resident, there had not been a single response from the European officials for two days: the island’s residents have not seen many changes, nor have they been given the food and water they were offered since the Dutch authorities arrived on St. Martin. Multiple residents in both territories mentioned that neither the French nor the Dutch prepare for such disasters to happen.