• Lexi Ponder

US reporter killed in South Sudan

On Aug. 26, 2017, in the East African nation of South Sudan, a U.S. reporter was confirmed dead. Christopher Allen was one of 19 people who were killed during a fight between the government troops and rebels of Yei River state in the town of Kaya.

According to CNN, the South Sudan Broadcast Corporation reported that “Christopher Allen, who worked for various news outlets, was killed in heavy fighting in the town of Kaya.” South Sudanese military officials mentioned that Allen’s body was recovered after the fight ended, and it was discovered that he died of a bullet wound to the head.

The Telegraph News added that The Committee to Protect Journalists has called for an investigation on Allen’s death and that he was deliberately targeted by government troops.

Telegraph News reported, “Michael Makuei, the information minister of South Sudan, said on Wednesday that Allen’s death was ‘not targeted’ and that the government regretted it, but added that ‘anybody on that side is usually a target.’” Makuei also added that Allen came into South Sudan illegally after he was denied a visa “because of his hostile reports.” He was considered a criminal to them, and Makuei said that “had he not died we would have apprehended him and taken him to the court.” He was also considered a rebel if he was reporting on the rebels’ activities.

Witnesses mentioned that Allen had been shot once he began taking photographs and his killer saw him clearly. Colonel Paul Lam Gabriel added that not only had Allen been targeted, but he also had been embedded with the rebels for two weeks before the fighting broke out, killing him.