• Michelle Hebert

Grady Country Schools releases new app

Grady County Schools have released an app on mobile devices. Interested users can download the app by going to the store for apps on their devices and searching for “Grady County SD.” The app is available on the Google Play store and the Apple App store.

Once the user downloads the app and opens it, they are given the choice to customize the information. Users have a choice to follow certain schools and categories or

skip that step and complete it later if chosen to do so. The seven schools in Grady County, Grady County’s virtual school, and educational center are options to choose from.

The main screen has nine options for the user to choose from: news, calendar, schools, food services, PowerSchool, Facebook, Twitter, notifications, and settings. The news and calendar information depends on what schools the user chooses to follow. All the other options do not depend on what school the user chooses; they all are related to Grady County Schools.

The news section only includes very general things about the school and the county. School holidays, sports games, club events, band events, and school meetings are events that appear on the calendar. Under the other sections on the app, you get general information from Grady County. The Facebook and Twitter sections take you to Grady County’s accounts on the websites. The PowerSchool and food services sections take the user to those websites.

Overall, the app is very basic, which isn’t a terrible thing for users who are not tech-friendly. Being able to customize the app to the school of the user’s choice is a helpful feature. The news section does not include very much new and relevant news; however, the calendar section does help make up for that. The app would benefit from having more information overall.