• Allison McMIllian

Fashion update: Newest brow trends

Lately, if a girl scrolls through her social media feed, she will see three new eyebrow trends that are taking the internet and beauty world by storm. Have you ever thought about doing these crazy, unique eyebrows?

This unique idea is a wavy eyebrow just drawn on with an eyebrow pencil or using gel. Not only are women and young girls waving their eyebrows, they are also waving their lipstick. People are even decorating their eyebrows with colorful eye-shadows.

Here is a more beautiful take on eyebrows. As you can see, the eyebrows seem braided, but, in reality, the brows are drawn on with different colors, and the hairs overlap one another.

Some girls can use up to three different eyebrow pencils to create this unique design; however, it will take precious time out of your day.

I don't know who came up with the idea to turn an eyebrow into a feather, but someone did, obviously. In this photo, the girl simply split her eyebrow horizontally and brushed the bottom down. Then, she applied an adhesive gel to the eyebrow to keep it in that position.

Beauty gurus of Instagram, Youtube, and Tumblr have all have pursued the ideas of new eyebrow trends, and so far, these are the newest ones of 2017.