• Lexi Ponder

Italian mafia boss caught after two decades on the run

On Sept. 4, 2017, one of Italy’s five most wanted fugitives, Rocco Morabito, was finally arrested in Uruguay after being on the run from police for 23 years. Morabito was convicted back in 1994 for drug trafficking and mafia association in Italy, and he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. BBC added, “He was nicknamed ‘cocaine king of Milan’ for his involvement in shipping the drugs from South America to Italy.”

According to CNN, “Uruguayan authorities said some months ago Morabito tried to enroll his daughter in a local school using his real name, and his fingerprints were confirmed by Italian authorities.” When Morabito was arrested, the Uruguayan Interior Ministry said he “had 13 cell phones, an automatic pistol, 12 credit and debit cards, a large quantity of Uruguayan money and US $50,000 in cash, plus currency certificates worth US $100,000.”

CNN reported that Morabito must first serve three months in Uruguayan prison for crimes of forgery and identity theft; afterwards, he will be extradited back to Italy, where he will then face the 30-year sentence he was given 23 years ago.

The chief prosecutor for the Calabria region stated Morabito not only plays a major role in the cocaine trafficking between South America and Milan; he is also a key figure in the ‘Ndrangheta mob, which controls a large part of the world’s cocaine trade.