• By Perla Tiburcio

Self-driving pizza delivery car out for testing in Michigan

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ford and Dominos are teaming up to test a self-driving car that would help deliver pizza. Delivering the pizza to the customers' homes proved to be successful, but engineers still have to find a way to get the pizza into customers' hands. People are able to get their pizza, but they have to walk up to the self-driving car to get their order.

In the test, there is an engineer and a driver inside the self-driving car to see how people would react to getting their pizza. People have the option of getting their pizza delivered by the self-driving car or a regular delivery. The people who chose to get their pizza delivered by the self-driving car received their order by having to type in the last four digits of their phone number into a touchpad that was attached to the back window of the car. After the customer typed in their digits, the back window opened so that they could receive their order. The purpose of the test is to see how people like the idea of the new way of delivering pizza rather than if the self-driving car can make deliveries.