• By Perla Tiburcio

Korean barista combines art with coffee

In South Korea, a barista by the name of Lee Gang-bin has started to combine art and coffee for his customers in a way which he calls cream art. He uses colored icing to make amazing, beautiful works of art on coffee. Most coffee art is done with only the colors black and white, but Lee wanted to do something different.

Lee has become well known on Instagram for his coffee art. Lee’s most famous work is “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. “ I only make cream art on cold coffee. If I make it on hot coffee, the taste changes as it cools off, and I don’t want the taste of coffee to change,” he told CNN.

Each coffee cost only $6.63 because he is only able to finish three cups a day due to the fact that customers must order ahead of time. Exceptions are made for easier works of art like the “Teddy Bear.”

Lee has been in the coffee business for ten years and only started to incorporate latte art seven years ago.