• By Perla Tiburcio

Doctor continues to do his job even after Hurricane Harvey hits

In Webster, Texas, Dr. Stephen Kimmel, a general pediatric surgeon, received a call to perform an immediate surgery on 16-year-old Jacob Terrazas. With Hurricane Harvey flooding many cities in Texas, getting anything accomplished isn’t easy with waist-high water surrounding everywhere.

Clear Lake Regional Medical Center called the local fire department to help bring Kimmel to the hospital. “We went by canoe and then by a firefighter’s pickup truck and by canoe again,” Kimmel told CNN. Kimmel finally was able to get to the hospital after having to walk a mile in waist-high water. It took Kimmel an hour to get to the hospital, which normally takes only 15 minutes.

On the way to the hospital, Terraza’s paramedic truck had to make a stop because of the flood. Terrazas and his family were able to reach the hospital after being picked up by a fire truck. Kimmel showed up at the hospital without his medical attire, which confused Terrazas because he didn’t know Kimmel was going to be his doctor. Terrazas told CNN that he was “Thankful” and “ Relieved from the pain.”