'GTA 5': Smugglers Run DLC update

"GTA 5" has released, as of August 29, DLC, or downloadable content, that is based on smuggling. They also released new planes and a customization shop for the planes.

There are a total of 5 different warehouses you can buy. Three are in Fort Zancudo (military base), and two are in Los Santos Airport. The starting price for the warehouses is $1,200,000. There is unlimited aircraft space. You can change your style, office furniture, and lighting in the warehouses. You can add on living quarters, floor graphics, and a workshop.

Along with the new warehouses, they added new cars and airplanes. The three new cars that were added are the Cyclone ($1,900,000), Vigilante ($3,800,000), and the Rapid GT3 ($900,000). The planes are based off of multiple World War Two aircrafts. The new airplanes are the Hunter ($3,100,000), Bombooshka ($4,500,000), Mogul ($2,400,000), Pyro ($3,400,000), Nokota ($2,000,000), Howard ($1,000,000), Seabreeze ($850,000), and Lazer ($6,500,000), according to Reddit.

I took time out of my day yesterday to play the new update. The mission I played was very hard. You start out with a plane equipped with missiles to take down the eight Lazers that will be coming after you. You must also destroy the three cargo planes to collect whatever you are trying to smuggle. You have eight different choices of products you can smuggle and can collect 50 of each. One product by itself can sell for $10,000.

There is a random glitch that appeared in this update. Usually, when you are in passive mode, you cannot use any weapons or kill any players, but on this update, you now can with one plane. You can drop bombs in the Tula while in passive mode.