• Michelle Hebert

Betsy DeVos visits two Tallahassee schools

Betsey DeVos, United States Secretary of Education, came to Tallahassee on Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017. On her trip, she visited two schools: Holy Comforter Episcopal School and the Florida State University High School. By visiting these schools, DeVos hopes to learn about the ways that these schools meet the needs of their students in a unique way.

DeVos’s opinion on Holy Comforter Episcopal School is that the school is doing a lot of things right, including being an innovator and a pioneer. During her visit to the school, she toured several classes and saw the school’s Lego Robotics Program, STEM lab, and students’ use of technology. The school is an image of what DeVos says schools should look like.

DeVos is a well-known supporter of charter schools and voucher programs, which allow students to attend private schools using state funds. In recent months, DeVos has been heavily criticized for her views and comments of historically Black colleges and universities, according to WTXL. Due to these comments, some voiced opposition the day that it was announced she was coming to Tallahassee.

DeVos is actively promoting President Trump’s proposed budget, which would cut the total federal spending by nine billion dollars, while also directing an additional $1.4 billion to school choice programs, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. One billion dollars will go towards encouraging schools to adopt an open enrollment program.

As of August, DeVos has visited 19 schools, according to a list of appearances that Educator Week compiled. The report also mentioned how the visits have been a mix of traditional public, private, and charter schools.