• Cierra Bynum and Michelle Hebert

Furniture store owner opens doors to hurricane victims

In Richmond, Texas, owner Jim McIngvale opened his furniture store so evacuees of hurricane Harvey could have place to stay during the storm. Over 300 evacuees are currently living in the 160,000 square foot store. McIngvale takes his delivery truck to go and help people escape from the rising water. "All day on Sunday we went around rescuing people out of high water stranded on overpasses. We brought about 200 people into the store that way," McIngvale told CNN.

The Gallery Furniture Store Grand Parkway is now listed as an official shelter. David and Maria Parks came to the store on Tuesday after being saved them from their flooded house. The Parks and 200 other evacuees have thousands of new pieces of furniture to sleep on.

McIngvale is showing his generosity by allowing victims to live on his brand-new furniture for the time being. All of the furniture and mattresses in the stores are being used by the victims to live under the circumstances. You may be wondering the same question most people are: “What will he do with all of the furniture and mattresses that were used?” According to ABC news, he will discount the items and have a huge sale.

When Magdalena Marez and her fiancee Zachary Gasser came into the store, volunteers gave them dry clothes, toothbrushes, soap, shoes, and a mattress. "We never stepped a foot in one of his stores and now I am like, wow, I mean, they opened up the doors. Like it was nothing.He didn't even second guess it. He was like let me help you," Marez told CNN.

McIngvale is also paying for portable showers so evacuees can have hot showers. One of

McInvale's employees says his boss has opened the store and is providing meals to give back to the community, according to CNN. "This is Houston. That's how Houston rolls," Marchione told CNN.

Ruby Hayes is one of the people who is taking up shelter on one of McIngvale’s mattresses. Hayes turned 84 on the same day that she lost everything, according to ABC news. McIngvale heard of the news and gave her the gift of the mattress that she is using while she says at the shelter.