• Michelle Hebert

YouTube personality starts series with 'people who hate' him

Dylan Marron, a YouTuber, has created a podcast named “Conversations with People Who Hate Me.” The title can easily sum up the whole podcast.

On the podcast, Marron calls people who have left hate comments on his different social media pages. The podcast is not to debate with the people who leave the comments or to make the people upset. The whole purpose is to find a common ground with the people. Marron stated, “It's an experiment to see what happens when two people with two very different views of the world talk to each other."

The conversations are spoken in a friendly manner, not one that stirs up anger. The main reason why the conversations are this way is because Marron wants to fully hear the other persons’ views and why they leave hate comments online. After the conversations, the people usually change their view of Marron because of his attitude towards the whole situation. Marron and the person may not be best friends, but they are tolerant of him.

The main type of hate comments he receives is someone telling him that his homosexuality is a sin. Marron carefully picks the people he chooses to put in the podcast. "These are not people who have sent me death threats or threatened my physical safety," Marron stated.

The first podcast was released on Jul 30, 2017. As of Aug. 29, 2017, four podcasts have been released to the public.