• Damien Lane

New operators for 'Rainbow Six Siege' detailed

There are three new operators coming out Aug. 29, 2017 for the tactical first-person shooter, “Rainbow Six Siege,” but according to the game’s official website, the downloadable content will be delayed a week.

The three operators are in two groups. Two are part of the Special Duties Unit, and no information has been released yet about the third Operator.

The mysterious third operator is named “ELA,” and she’s part of the defending team. She has a device called concussion proximity mines, which can be stuck to the floor or walls. If you get near the device, it will go off and impact hearing and vision.

The other new female operator is Ying, but she will be part of the attacking team, called “ATK.” Her gadget will be attachable to surfaces or able to roll under a door. The gadget is a multiple flash charge that can disrupt hearing and sight.

The only male operator is named “GU,” and he is a “DEF” operator (defender) with toxic mines that inject poison into opposing players when they step on it. This might hurt and slow your character down if you’re an attacker.

A new map is coming out with the new operators, and it’s called Theme Park. It’s an abandoned theme park with old rides. Where you play is in a two-story building that is half haunted house (top floor) and half arcade (bottom floor). The map will be at night time to give it a creepier feel, but the new characters and map will delayed a week for testing. A few selected YouTubers got to test out the new map and characters in a test server.

The new map and characters will be available on September 5, but only season pass owners get a 7-day head start from non-season pass owners. The “Rainbow” community and fans are eagerly waiting for the new operators to come on the fighting floor, and the fans are saying that the new operators will change how we play the game.