• Michelle Hebert

Bill Nye the Science Guy suing Disney for $9 million

Bill Nye the Science Guy filed a suit again Disney. Nye claims Disney owes him nine million dollars for profit of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” the show.

According to Business Insider, Nye filed the suit on Aug. 23, 2017, 20 years after the production of the show was done. He accused Disney of fraud and breach of contract; the lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Nye claims that Disney’s Buena Vista Television had taken part in questionable accounting during the series.

Nye’s suspicions began in 2008 after Disney claimed that Nye owed the company around $500,000, a portion of Nye’s earnings from the show. Nye hired a lawyer to inspect Disney’s accounts. Disney told the lawyer that the company had so many financial cases that they would not be able to look at the whole situation for three or four years, Business Insider reported. Disney told Nye that he could repay the money to the company or they could deduct it from his future earnings. CNN reported, “Buena Vista stopped making royalty payments in 2008 because of the dispute.”

The lawsuit in its entirety is based on a statement: the “defendants failed to engage in the process in good faith.” Nye claims that the companies involved are in a conspiracy to deceive him.

Nye being owed the nine million dollars is not all the money that is involved in the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that in all Disney owes Nye and other owners of the show $28 million.