• Chandler Allen

Alabama SEC Season Preview

This year’s new incoming season of football is looking to be a very eventful one for the University of Alabama. With their season starting on September 2 against Florida State University, the season is going to start off with a bang. Because of their great season and statistics last year, they will be starting off at the number one spot this season, according to ESPN. They will have to look out this year for a good bit of competition against long-time rivals such as Florida State, Louisiana State, Clemson, and Auburn but are expected to lead in the top 10 for the entirety of the season.

At the end of the 2016 season, Alabama walked away with an astonishing 13-1 season. Their only loss was to Clemson in the National Championship game. Returning to the staff will be head coach Nick Saban and defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt; they will be joined by the new oncoming offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Together, Alabama should continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the 2017 season.

There are many possible breakout players for the new season for Alabama, as well. According to All Access, Da’Shawn Hand is going to be a second-year player for Alabama but is basically confirmed to be a starting defensive end. As Travon Diggs plays for the second year in a row, he is now staying at corner back for the season if all is coming to plan.

The first game this year is going to be a stepping stone for Alabama. Being against Florida State, it will set the mood for the rest of the season. Many of the essential games are going to be late in the season such as Tennessee, Louisiana State, and Auburn, which will be Alabama’s last game of the regular season.