• By Perla Tiburcio

New Study: Exercise increases learning

There are many ways to learn a new language, but have you ever thought of exercising while learning? According to a new study involving both rodents and humans, exercise may improve memorization and learning.

During childhood, many people learn their first language through their surroundings, without really having to comprehend every word of their language. As an adult, it’s not easy to learn another language because many adults are used to speaking and using their primary language.

According to a new study, exercising while learning can help with the memorization of words if you are just starting to learn a new language. According to CNN, “Animals and people learn differently if they exercise.” In the study, rodents were given a running wheel, and tests showed that their memorization improved. Past tests have also shown that people do better in their academic classes if they are involved in some type of exercise.

According to CNN, researchers got 40 Chinese men and women to test whether physical activity would increase their ability to learn English faster than those who weren’t involved in physical activity. At the beginning, they knew very few English words. The researchers split them into two groups, one which would participate in physical activity and another which would just sit and learn. One group rode bikes 20 minutes before their session. Both groups went to sessions where they learned new vocabulary, along with pictures, to help them understand the words. The students who exercised had better scores than the other group who just sat down while learning the vocabulary.

The students returned after a month of the testing to take another test. Results showed that the students who participated in physical activity had a better memory and could tell how to properly fit words in a sentence.