• Lexi Ponder

Taliban bombing leaves seven dead in Afghanistan

In Kandahar, Afghanistan, citizens and soldiers were shocked to be abruptly attacked by a Taliban suicide car bomber. On Aug. 23, 2017, Afghanistan’s National Army Convoy was bombed, leaving seven people dead and about 38 wounded, most of which were civilians.

Among the seven killed were the following: two men, a child, and four soldiers of the Afghanistan army. The explosion occurred next to a mosque that contained children who were studying their religious topics.

The police reported back saying that the number of children hurt was not known yet, but several of the children were in critical condition. However, on an average day about 31 Afghanistan officers and soldiers are killed, and an additional nine civilians are usually killed in the crossfire, as well, according to official data.

The target for the bombing was a parked convoy of Afghan soldiers. The soldiers were located at the parking lot of their Police Headquarters of the provincial capital, Lashkar Gah. The Taliban have taken full responsibility to the attack. According to the New York Times, “In a statement emailed to reporters, the Taliban’s spokesmen, Zabiullah Mujahid, said that the attack was carried out by a member of the ‘Battalion of Martyrdom Seekers,’ which targeted a convoy of Afghan forces inside the Police Headquarters.”

President Trump has decided to take the problem into his own hands, saying he may be sending up to 3,900 or more U.S. troops to Afghanistan. However, some did not agree with Trump’s decision to send more troops to help out a country that kills U.S. troops. U.S. News reported, “Trump also has harsh words for Pakistan, accusing Islamabad of giving extremists a safe heaven, while next door in Afghanistan they kill U.S. troops.”