• Allison McMIllian

FaZe Banks assaults Jake Paul's assistant

In a club called Warwick, located in Los Angeles, popular YouTuber and ex-Disney actor Jake Paul accused FaZe Banks of assaulting Jake's assistant, "Meg," and cheating on Alissa Violet with another girl. Paul, "Meg," Erika Costell, and Anthony Trujillo made a video on YouTube personally blaming Banks for actions that were not proven to be true.

Immediately after lashing out at Banks, he and Alissa Violet responded to the video with a video of their own. FaZe Banks denied all allegations of him placing Meg in a choke-hold and leaving a bruise on her neck. He also told DramaAlert that he had the club review the tapes, and they said there was no evidence of him supporting Paul's statements.

Warwick said it would not release the tapes without certain requirements, according to the recent DramaAlert video. Banks even claimed to take legal action against Paul for false accusations, according to Teen Vogue. Violet, who is also Paul's ex-girlfriend, said," If we never agreed on something, or if something happened, he would spit in my face. And this has happened multiple times," according to Teen Vogue and the YouTube video.

Because of the recent events, other FaZe members have lashed out on their YouTube channels telling their experiences with Jake Paul. FaZe Rug even recorded a video showing evidence of how Paul accused Rug of stealing thumbnail designs and video ideas, such as the spinning wheel game. FaZe Teeqo supported Rug on the spinning wheel idea and the fact that everyone was doing it, not just Jake and Rug, according to recent YouTube videos.