• By Perla Tiburcio

Family uses eclipse to raise money for cancer research

As many people were getting ready to see the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017, many of them traveled to different locations where they would be able to see the total solar eclipse. In Rexburg, Idaho, the Ahlstrom family had an idea of using their property to allow travelers to camp on their property to see the eclipse.

Jenny Ahlstrom decided that her family would use the opportunity of the solar eclipse to help raise money for cancer treatment. Ahlstrom, who was a big part in this fundraiser, founded the Crowdcare Foundation and the Myeloma Crowd. Ahlstrom had six children who were affected by a rare terminal blood cancer in 2010. Jenny said, "We’re trying to reach our goal of $500,000 and that’s one of the reasons we put this camp together is to try to reach our end goal. “

The Ahlstrom family didn’t reach their goal, but they reached $477,000 for a cure for myeloma. Myeloma is a type of blood cancer that takes place in the bone marrow. The Ahlstroms were successful in getting enough money to help for the cancer treatment from campers as far away as Finland.