• Bailey Flowers

CHS Holds First Pep Rally of Fall 2017

Rachel Jowers and Tatum Williams

School’s back in session, football games have started, and for most people, school spirit has started to kick in. This past Friday was Cairo High School's first pep rally of the season. In the absence of Michael Best, the leadership has now been turned over to Mrs. Simmons, Jocelyn Wood, and the “Syrup pitcher” mascot for this season, Eva Grace Knight.

Syrup maker band, and class of 2018

This was the freshman class of 2021’s first pep rally, and the class of 2018’s first pep rally of their senior year.

The pep rally began with a dance off between Barbra Godwin, representing the freshman; Katie Meissner, representing the sophomores; Principal Chris Lokey, representing the juniors; and and Brandi Adkins, representing the seniors. In the dance off, they did the dance called the "Milly Rock". There was no definite winner, but they sure got us riled up and ready for the spirit rally.

Cheer Leaders

Next, there was a contest in which two teachers and two students were picked from each grade. They were in a student-teacher team up, and they had to take a balloon from one side of the cheer leading mat to the other. You may think that would be easy, but try holding it between each other’s backs instead of just with your hands! The winners were tied between the juniors and seniors.

The spirit contest is the best part of every pep rally. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, your class will always be competitive with the other classes to see who is the best class. Whoever has the most spirit and cheers the loudest wins the pep rally. The cheer leaders go to their grades and each grade competes in the competition, beginning with 9th grade and ending with 12th grade. Each pep rally, the cheer leaders do the “we want more“chant. The seniors won this first pep rally.