• Michelle Hebert

Volkswagen releases plans for a new electric 'hippie' van

The company of Volkswagen cars has released plans of an electric “hippie” van. The vans outer appearance will look like the 1970s Volkswagen vans. The interior will, however, be the future.

Mashable stated, “a human driver is still required,” because the car is “capable of Level 3 self-driving.” The car can handle some of the driving responsibilities but not all. In present day, the Tesla is one of the only cars to have the autonomous aspect, and the concept is still not as advanced as the van’s.

According to CNN, it will have a “rectangular steering wheel that retracts into the dashboard when not in use.” The whole rectangular steering wheel concept has made people question the van. Volkswagen made this statement about the aspect: “the actual production van will feature highly automated driving if not fully automated driving.”

Like some trucks, the new van will have an all-wheel-drive setting. Motors for the van will be placed in the front and back, and according to CNN, “together, the motors can produce 369 horsepower.” Volkswagen stated, the van will have “a driving range of 270 miles.” According to Mashable, the vehicle’s “fast-charging system” will take thirty minutes to reach eighty percent of its maximum charge level.

Mashable reported that the new concept was first released at a convention earlier this year, and will be released for consumers in 2022. The van will be in Volkswagen’s plan for a series of electric vehicles. Out of all the vehicles, a compact car will be the first to be released to the public.