• Zachery Bernabe

Video Game Review: 'Unturned'

"Unturned" is an online, multiplayer zombie survival game released on July 7, 2014, by the developer Nelson Sexton.

The game has been out in beta and available to play for two years now, but the game was released as a full game on July 7, 2017, in a massive update to the game. The full game release included a map based on Germany, plus a few weapons and new vehicles.

"Unturned" brings in all aspects of a survival game from building, PVP/PVE, and looting. In the game, the survivor (player) has the ability to build anything that comes to mind to help survive; the player can even board up a house and survive there. There's also a looting aspect into the game that allows survivors to loot anything like buildings, players, and zombies. The player will have to be careful to avoid the different types of zombies, such as flankers, burners, spitters, sprinters, and crawlers.

There's also a lot of maps in the game: PEI (Canada), Washington (Seattle), Russia, Hawaii, and the new Germany map.

The game is available on STEAM for free, but there's also the gold DLC for five dollars, which adds in different cosmetics and permissions. Plus, there's a huge community on STEAM with mods, maps, and a lot more.