• Michelle Hebert

UGA paying students to live off campus

The University of Georgia is paying students who live close to Athens to live at home for the upcoming school year. The amount of students who desire to live on campus at the University is more than the campus can house.

Gregory Trevor, the University’s spokesman, stated, “University housing has offered a $1,000 incentive for incoming first-year students from Clarke and contiguous counties to waive the university’s requirement that they live on campus their first year,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The university is “offering $3,500 discount to first-year students if they agree to live in Brown Hall,” Online Athens stated.

Freshman students are not the only students to be offered at least a thousand dollars to live off campus. According to Online Athens, “The university is also offering to pay $3,500 to non-first-year students who agree to cancel their on-campus housing contracts.”

“Both the $1,000 and the $3,500 incentives are being offered on a first-come, first-serve basis,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated. Trevor stated, “So far, reaction has been positive to the incentives,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The shortage of dorms on the university’s campus has two contributing factors. The first reason is the number of students in the freshman class. According to Online Athens, there’s “a freshman class of 5,475.” The high number of the freshman class enrolled in the 2017 fall semester helped the university to prepare for the housing situations. The statistics about the number of students accepting the offers hasn’t been released.