• Chandler Allen

American and Canadian diplomats attacked

On Aug. 10, 2017, a group of American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba suffered a severe loss of hearing due to an attack, according to reports from Time Magazine and multiple other sources. The United States believes that the allied diplomats were assaulted with a sonic weapon which was intended to suppress the hearing of its targets indefinitely. Many of the facts have yet to be confirmed by officials.

The weapon used to damage these officials has yet to be identified, but they believe it was an auditory cannon, or sound gun. The injury to many of the officials was severe enough for the diplomats to have to cancel their time in Cuba and return to America for treatment.

How they were damaged has been theorized, and according to Slate, they were told anonymously that the cannon had been used near the homes of the Diplomats. The Miami Herald says that the damage went far enough to cause concussion-like

symptoms in the American Officials. This is going to be a setback in American-Cuban relations if Cuba is found guilty of this hostile act against America and Canada.

According to Slate, the attacks could have been part of the agenda of another country, such as Russia. This has yet to be confirmed, however.