• Allison McMillian

Man creates Xbox One and PS4 mashup

Ever since both the Xbox and PlayStation came out, there has been a difference in opinion on which gaming system is better. Now, a man created a mashup of the two consoles, called the Xstation, so no one has to choose anymore. His website is edsjunk.net.

On some of his other work, he shares his designs so other people have the opportunity to build their own setup. He has built superhero designs, laptop- gaming systems, personal mods for his Jeep, and many other accomplishments.

The Xstation has one HDMI source and one power source, and all you have to do is press one button to switch between the gaming systems. If you have one system on, turn it off before you switch. If you try to attempt running both systems at once, it would completely overheat the entire system. There are four remote plug-ins total to the system, but they are split between the two consoles. The disk port on the system being used glows with led lights. The entire system is the same size as the first generation Xbox One. There is a power button for each console and an eject button.

The designer of the system did make a laptop gaming system of both consoles, but it wasn't as easily portable as this console. It is only a prototype, and this is the only one he has made so far. It saves a lot of space by its size, and you don't have to deal with a bunch of wires. By far, it is a convenient system.