• Allison McMillian

Video Game Review: 'N.O.V.A 3'

"Nova 3" is a game by Gameloft which was released in May of 2012. It is an action adventure first-person shooter. It offers campaign and multiplayer when you first start to play the game.

I personally played it on my Iphone and Android, and although it ran smoothly on my Iphone, it was slightly bugged on my Android. On the Iphone, it ran smoothly with no lagging or freezing. I played for at least 2 1/2 hours on the game total with Iphone without the game shutting down. On the Android, I constantly had to restart the game because it kept force closing due to the lagging.

The game starts you out in the middle of combat, with a tutorial, and the controls are explained decently. You move using your left thumb, and jump, shoot, reload ammo, use a special ability, and heavy aim all on the right of your screen. It seemed hard for me to be able to press the correct button because on the right screen they are so close to one another. In the multiplayer mode, you can drive and have more options on what you would like to do in the game.

I asked two other people their opinion on the game, and they felt it was enjoyable; however, they did complain about the force closing on Androids. One said that it ran fine on his Ipod, just as it did on my phone.

My personal thought is it is a very fun game, but they need to work on how it runs for Android users.