• Damien Lane

Video Game Preview: 'The Escapists 2'

“The Escapists 2” is an upcoming sequel to the popular indie video game “The Escapists,” in which players try to escape from many different prisons. A closed beta for the new game has already been released, and the full version will be available for download on Aug. 22, 2017, according to Team17, the creators and publishers of the game.

The new game will be $24.99 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Linux and is rated “T for Teens” for “mild cartoon violence and mild suggestive themes.”

The previous game was released in 2015 and received high reviews: 9/10 for Steam, 4.5/5 for Microsoft, and 4.4/5 for Google play. People enjoyed playing the first game very much, and players are expecting the new game to be better than the original.

One of the things that has been improved is the game’s mechanics; for example, the hub interface which you can see on your screen when you pull up your inventory looks and works a lot better.

It will also have more detailed custom character maker for your own character, as well as for the other inmates and cops. The new game is adding something that was missing from the first game, as well: a multiplayer feature to play with friends.

The closed beta looks a lot better but is buggy because it is still a beta. To check out the game and see how it looks for yourself, go to YouTube and check out the videos posted there by gamers who have access to the beta and have shared their gameplay.