• Allison McMillian

Superstitions about solar eclipses

The last viewing of a total solar eclipse over the continental Unites States was in 1979, according to Fox News, but lucky for us today, we get to see one very soon! On Monday, August 21, 2017, we will witness one all the way across the United States. According to Fox News, the shadow of the eclipse will travel from Oregon to South Carolina.

There are many superstitions about the solar eclipse from different cultures around the world. Evangelists think it's going to cause an apocalypse, which is the end of the world, but the authors of a Christian prophecy website called Unsealed think it's going to be the beginning of a seven-year period in which 75 percent of the world's population will die, according to BBC.

In India, people fast during an eclipse because they believe the food is impure or poisonous, according to Fox News. Italians believe you should plant flowers during the eclipse because it supposedly makes them more colorful when they bloom.

Vietnamese people believe that a giant frog eats the sun out of the sky during the eclipse, but Norse cultures blamed wolves for devouring it, according to Time and Date. In China, they believe the dragon snacks on it.

If you decide to go out and watch the eclipse, be sure to wear proper protective goggles. The eclipse can burn the retina in your eye, and could cause permanent damage. If you wouldn't look at the sun on any regular day without sunglasses, don't look at the eclipse without the goggles! Stay safe!