• Monty Alexander

NASA reveals new rover prototype

NASA has released a new rover prototype that is designed to have a laboratory for studying samples from the surface of Mars. The laboratory will be able to disconnect and research while the rover searches for samples. With a mandate to reach Mars by 2033, this would be an important invention for use in space exploration.

According the BBC, the rover’s source of energy will be a 700 volt battery with additional solar panels. The rover is measured to be 28 feet long, 13 feet wide, and 11 feet tall and is estimated to weigh about 5,000 pounds. It could drive as fast as 60-70 miles per hour but will travel at a speed of 10-15 miles per hour most of the time, while traveling up hills, over rocks, and craters.

Production on the r over began in November 2016 and finished in April 2017. In those months of production, the engineers put 80-100 hours a week into the creation of this rover, according to the BBC. The rover was not exactly NASA affiliated but handled by the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

This rover will not be going to Mars, but it will be going across the country as a part of the “Summer of Mars” event including dates in Georgia and New York, according to the event's official website. The purpose of the event is to be educational and to give a learning experience about Mars, the rover, and space exploration.