• Lexi Ponder

French police arrest man suspected of Paris attack

On Aug. 9, 2017, a man was found and arrested after running over and injuring six French soldiers on patrol in Paris. Early Wednesday morning in Levallois-Perret, Central Paris, a 38-year-old man was hunted and arrested. This attack happened in front of Place de Verdun, the soldier’s base, around 8:15 a.m.

According to CNN, “Minister of the Interior Gerard Collomb said the attack was a ‘deliberate act.’” Mayor of Levallois-Perret told reporters that the man was waiting in his BMW outside of the base in a tight alleyway waiting for the soldiers from the 35th Infantry Regiment.

After the attacker ran over the soldiers, he continued to lead the French police on a quick chase on the A16 motorway in the town of Marquise. In order for them to stop the man on the chase, he had to be shot at multiple times and was wounded once before being arrested.

BBC informed everyone of the injuries that were caused to the soldiers: “Three of the soldiers are now known to have been seriously wounded in the Paris attack. All were taken to hospital, though none is in a life-threatening condition, Defence Minister Florence Parly said.”

Most of the French civilians and police have admitted they believe this incident is a terrorist attack. This incident is the sixth attack on the police of France this year.

Since France is currently fighting against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, it was understandable to the French community for this attack to be related to the other terrorist attacks in the past.