• Zach Bernabe

Fidget spinners come with surprising hazards

Fidget spinners have made a huge impact in the world and have became a strange fad among kids, teens, and some adults. They come in all a lot of different shapes and colors; some even are Bluetooth. However, there are some hazards that consumers need to be aware of, especially those with small children.

One of the hazards is choking. There are cases of small kids putting the spinners in their mouths and choking. According to the BBC, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that they should be kept away from small children: "The plastic and metal spinners can break and release small pieces that can be a choking hazard, and older children should not put fidget spinners in their mouths."

The other main hazard is a fire hazard - yes, surprisingly, there is a fire hazard with some of the toys. There is a small line of Bluetooth speaker spinners that have to be charged, and there was a case of a Bluetooth spinner that was left to charge over night which burst into flames, burning a carpet in a family home in Alabama, according to CNN.